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Anthony Obrien

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  1. Hi I'm Trying to get this to work on my Mondeo mk4 but I don't know how to get it to work how dose it work
  2. Thanks mate I have downloaded it and I will have a play with it thanks again mate
  3. Have you got a ling to the softwhere plz
  4. Will this work on my 2008 ford Mondeo 2.2 d
  5. Hi all can some one help me out I am try to fit the airbag switch but I keep getting this when I go to write to RCM Incorrect response from elm to request "3B00BD0C0106": 03 7F 3B 31 00 00 00 00 Why is this
  6. Egr Or Split Pipe 58 Plate 2L Tdci

    Will do mate thanks
  7. Egr Or Split Pipe 58 Plate 2L Tdci

    Where do you get the EGR blanking plate from
  8. Mondeo Titanium X Sport Build Thread!

    Yes mate it will be the 2.2 one I should have it in 3 weeks sill taking my st apart I will keep a eye out for the Collins map see what it dose as I love the cp330 map I had on my st
  9. Mondeo Titanium X Sport Build Thread!

    Where you get the decat from and how much was it as I'm getting one of these car soon as I'm doing the same as you sell my 400 bhp focus st
  10. Automatic Headlight Sensor

    I have a pre facelift st and I have the plugs but I can't get it to work I've done the elm bit and sill dose now work is there some wire missing the auto dim works but not the lights
  11. Automatic Headlight Sensor

    Do you know what relay is for the pre facelift for the auto lights and wiper is as I can't get it to work on my car and I think it is that I need a relay for it to work I have a 06 pre facelift st3 and I have turn it on in the gem When I turn I on all I get is the head lights on . No back lights are on no side lights and o dash light just the hand lights
  12. What Relay For Auto Lights

    Hi I have a ford focus st pre facelift and I want to put auto lights on the car I have all the parts I have trun it on in he gem put I can't get it to work I think they is a relay that need to be changes but I don't known what it is Thanks
  13. Headlights Wires And Switch

    Do you know what one is needed
  14. Automatic Headlight Sensor

    I get 30 mpg in my st and I have 330 bhp lol