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  1. Air Con Flooded ?????

    thanks ill give it a try if it ever stops raining lol
  2. Air Con Flooded ?????

    Hi,all.My air con has stopped working, does anyone know if a rush of water? coming from what seems like inside the dash board when cornering has anything to do with it.I thought it might be the condenser full up but cant find a drain etc,Can anyone shed some light on my prob please......Thanks Terry
  3. Front Wheel Bearings

    hi, i needed a new front wheel bearing but the local garage said a special tool was needed,which would take ages to arrive so i got a complete hub carrier from a spare parts site and changed the carrier myself in a couple of hours problem solved for £40 ,note the part was a used part.good luck terry.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums trucker :)