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  1. Fuel Filter Replaced, Now Car Won't Start

    Sounds like there is air in the fuel system,If was fine before filter changed would guess there is a leak/pipe not on filter fully. Go back to garage and get them to check it..
  2. 56 Plate Fiesta Tdci Problem

    Cheap maf sensors dont tend to work very well.For some reason they work better on some cars than others but cant be relied upon.. Egr valves can cause rough running and loss of power and not uncommon to go wrong. If its suddenly got very bad after you sprayed the maf sensor i think you just may have added to your problems...Can you borrow one from someone else for testing???
  3. 2006 Focus Engine System Fault

    Hi, yes the flat battery does sometimes cause the error message on the dash. i had a battery on my focus that would just about still start the car but would give that message on the dash when it started. new battery and all was fine.
  4. Zetec S Foot Brake Pedal Travel

    Well at least its not just my car then. Makes me feel a bit better about it. Would be nice to find a cure for it though..
  5. Zetec S Foot Brake Pedal Travel

    Hi, Does anyone else have a problem with the foot brake having excessive pedal travel before the brakes do anything? Brakes work fine just the amount of travel in pedal. Any ideas?? brakes have been adjusted and inspected and all ok..
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums darren51274 :)