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  1. itching for an escort!!

    oh and its an X reg.. tut! Cheers .S.
  2. itching for an escort!!

    Evening all, I've been saving for a new car for a while now and in the meantime my trusty little fiesta can hear the scrap yard calling... the brakes are now completely nakerd! went the other day, just like that! its done me proud though 120,000 miles up n down the country! it's due alot of work. service, cam, tracking, electrics, brakes!! but i don't see the point.. Anywho it's time for a change! Recently spotted a 5dr Ford Ecort 1.6 Finesse for sale, i have a little money saved away (thank god) to part with but was wondering what some of you may price it as.. It has 10 months mot, recent cam belt & service, 65,000 on the clock and all cons as would be expected. elec windows, alloys etc etc. Have arranged to meet with the owner by weekend to view and taking a mechanic on board to give it a once over with a trained eye just to be on the safe side!! I need a genuine sale and fast as im now walking to work, lovely!!! So any thoughts, anyone????