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  1. Help Needed With Ford Fiesta 2001 Mk5 Speakers! :)

    yeah so were mine i have left them there but they dont do anything now i will also be getting 1 12" mounted to the sun roof for the ultimate stealth mod XD
  2. hi guys i got a mk5 fiesta on a V plate that i wanna drop 60mm on a set of G-max springs and need to get a set of shocks as mine well have seen better days i just need to know where to get a set of front shocks at a desent price with in essex B)
  3. Help Needed With Ford Fiesta 2001 Mk5 Speakers! :)

    they are 13cm which are real easy to swap out just a couple of screws and one on the wing mirror adjuster i put a set of fli 5" in amped up with a mutant amp hope this help also the back is real easy to run some 6x9's from a desent head unit.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums woompapa :)