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  1. 2006 Focus Engine System Fault

    What model is your Focus?
  2. Hi Everyone, After having my car broken into Monday morning, this is really the last thing I need, hopefully it's a small issue. Went to start my car this morning, nothing came from the engine except a fast paced clicking sound. This was followed up by an 'Engine Systems Fault' message displayed on the digital display. I'm hoping this might just be a flat battery given that if it were anything else I would've thought the engine would try to tick over. Would the error message I encountered come up for something as fickle as a flat battery? Also, the car went in for a window replacement after the break in. Worked fine taking the car home and later in the evening, could this be a factor. Would very much appreciate some help as I'm at my wits end, am lost without a vehicle. Thanks a lot Ryan
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Ryman :)

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      Thanks Steve :)