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  1. Passenger And Driver Door Error

    Hi, I've a MK6 Zetec S and I'm having a few issues with both doors and the central locking. Basically I'm receiving a error code on the dash saying that either the driver/passenger door is open, however this is not the case. Also, because of this error I can't lock the car and have to shut/slam the door many times until the car locks. I've seen some posts on the internet but not found a ideal solution. Has anyone else experienced this and found a cure, bar taking it to the garage!
  2. Hi, I have a small crack and scruff around the toe eye on my front bumper. I'm trying to get hold of one through eBay e.t.c but have had no luck. I've been quoted around £400 by the local garage for a brand new bumper but just wondered if anyone could give some pointers on where else to look? My Fiesta is the Dark grey colour (torque grey?) but from what I can tell I can only buy them primed (unless from salvage) so would need to pay for the spray up. thanks in advance, Matt
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums MattButcher :)