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  1. hi Stef, decided to replace said parts due to excessive blue/grey smoke under moderate acceleration,original egr valve and manifold was totally gunged u,as was inlet ports which i cleaned out carefully to remove majority of build up,there were no faults before i replaced parts,at 112000, thought it best to replace rather than clean.
  2. hi all,fitted a new egr valve today,along with a refurbed inlet manifold,now have loss/increase power surges,car cutting out on idle,and engine management light along with glow plug light?turning off ignition resets the lights,then after a short drive the same problem occurs...any help to diagnose would be helpful? thnx...
  3. hi all, can anyone help?looking for a mcgard wheel nut key patent no 4664000, any advice or help would be appreciated.
  4. thanks Yuni, i,ll have a looksy :D
  5. hi guys,anyone know where i can get hold of the X on the bootlid on my mondeo? seems it got jet washed off !!ford want 23 quid for the whole badge,robbing B*******, any help in sourcing one would be much appreciated!! thanks!!! :)
  6. turned out the bearing i replaced for the wrong model,the depth and circumference was the same as the original bearing,on stripping the strut out for the second time,i counted the bearings from the original one ,and the new one i replaced had one less ball bearing in the race,heres mehinking ,d maybe damaged the abs ring!.another trip to the motor factor,said bearing purchased at £15,new sensor £18,and i replaced the bottom wishbone pinch bolt as its a bugger to free off!cost of new bolt £8.obviously the ecu was misreading the wheel speed,thus the aforesaid ABS/ESP fault showing up.All in all afew lessons learned in the process. took about 3 hours to do the job!!(twice)...Good as new now,and much quieter!!!!!!ps...pressing in the new bearing,without a hydraulic press is not for the weak willed lol..but managable !!!!
  7. thanks guys for the possible solutions,turns out it was the wheel bearing!!a challenging fix :( but alls well that ends well!!
  8. hi guys,could do with some advice on an abs/esp problem,i initially had a front o/s wheel bearing,which was grinding and squeeling,decided to change the culprit,with no problems until i had to tap out the abs sensor. i fitted a new sensor and low and behold! i now have a esp/abs light on?could it be a dodgy new bearing? the car goes into what i think is limp mode after reaching 55mph/ and wont let me get into 6th gear? any help would be greatly appreciated...
  9. looks like the rivets come through the the inside edge of the bumper,and made the original hole bigger,prob try a stainless bolt with a nylon washer on the end,thnx again lenny for the bigger diagram. :D
  10. thnx for the info lenny,gonna try and do a fix today if the rain stays off :(
  11. is the rear bumper removal straightforward? seems to be a pin on either side of the bumper and they look like theyve been broken as its not sitting flush behind the arches,any help would be apprieciated??