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  1. Happy Birthday AJ_sXe!

  2. Photo Location Game

    Im game boss so yes it does! Your request now ;)
  3. Car Child Seats

    It's baby seats you are asking about right?
  4. How Easy Is It To Fit Air Horns?

    Good stuff :-)
  5. How Easy Is It To Fit Air Horns?

    Louder than the old one? Can you video/record it?
  6. How Easy Is It To Fit Air Horns?

    I bought one also, is it as easy as swapping the cables over?
  7. Cool! I had 1.8l Toyota Corona while I lived in NZ and was convinced it would die a death every-time we towed something, but it was a quick and nimble as ever!
  8. Rear Discs 2010 Fiesta Mk7

    They make it look so easy.
  9. Good guide! Makes me want to do it! This along with Tunnel Rat's headlining strips :-)
  10. Small Mk7 Door Card Mod

    Could you possibly snap a close-up/closer picture please? ^_^
  11. Can You Recommend A Back-Up Camera

    Just checked it's both :D :D
  12. Can You Recommend A Back-Up Camera

    The number plate holder one looks AWESOME, pity I stuck my rear plate down :(
  13. Hi guys, I just bought a fitted one of those 7" All In One units (Thanks so Much Ken!! and I'm looking for a pretty good quality reversing camera to attach to it, anyone got any recommendations? Links would be greatly appreciated!
  14. How To Change The Colour Of Switches?

    Most of the switches get a new SMD LED soldered in place. There a few people on Ebay who sell them pre-done as well as can do it if you supply the switch.
  15. Winter Tyres (Far Too Early I Know But Bear With Me)

    I was told by my rally driving boss that stacking tyres on the walls will damage them, we have his spares at work and they are upright by his decree.