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  1. Ford focus 1.8 TDCI Y Reg

    Hi There I was hoping someone could help me. I have a Focus 1.8 TDCI (2001) I recently went out in it and while on the Motorway the battery light came on, Then i noticed the lights dimming and the windscreen wipers slowing down. Then the power steering went completly. I pulled over. I then noticed that the front windscreen heater button wouldnt switch on and then, when turning the heater on from 1-4 that the power of the heater wasnt that fast. also there is no heat coming out of it, just cold air now. I can turn the engine on and off without any problems. But i still have the above problems. So basically: Battery light stays on No power steering Front heater switch wont turn on Wipers, lights and heater power are low Heater only blowing cold air out Does anybody know what this might be? Any advice would be much appriciated Thanks Kind Regards Dan