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  1. hmm... no idea what i'm gonna do then lol i have no idea where to get a gearbox like that from as the guy i spoke to had a word with his suppliers and he was apparently laughed at :-/
  2. i have spoken to someone local who deals with engines and gearboxes and the Mazda gearbox that is fitted to many cars including mine is apparently prone to collapsing layshaft bearings. i guess i was just praying that it was a thrust bearing. as its damn near impossible to get a gearbox for it. and i'm not confident enough to do any form of surgery to the gearbox i have lol if it were to be the layshaft bearings... what damage could be done by turning up the stereo and ignoring it? lol
  3. the garage said there was too much oil in the gearbox so they drained it down to the right amount. they also said that the gearbox casing was getting quite hot. but as it was not a ford garage and my car is pretty rare up here i don't know whether to believe them. wouldn't the layshaft bearing make a noise if the car was in neutral whilst moving with my foot off the clutch though?
  4. Since i bought my car it has had a whirring noise coming from the transmission somewhere. the clutch is totally silent whilst the car is stationery whether your foot is down or up and all sounds fine. once the car reaches about 20mph the whirring noise starts and gets faster with more speed. Whilst driving the noise stops when the clutch is pressed down, but comes back when you lift your foot back up. and the noise isn;t there when the car is in neutral whilst moving. it was taken to a garage and they told me that the gearbox is knackered. but i don't see how this can be the case if the noise isn't there when the clutch is pressed down. any ideas people??
  5. Hey am Robert from Elgin in Scotland. i drive a 2002 Ford Maverick (and love it to bits) :) to explain my username, its the private plate i hope to purchase in the near future (R80 DWR)
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums R80DWR :)

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      thank you very much :)