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  1. Hello dear friends, I am glad to say that my issue with water leaking, was solved. During other checks om my car, I noticed that there was a big crack in the sealant in the RH side below the windscreen. I used normal universal silicone sealant, plenty of it, and it looks like there is no water leaking on the passenger side (LHD car). This cracked factory seal looks to be located at the top of the right wing. For those in the UK, (RHD) you would have the windshield wipers mechanism there, so it is little access, but worth to check using a flash light. I missed this defect because the sealant was dirty and in a bad angle. Hope this helps.
  2. Not sure if you are right....
  3. Hello, My car has this "handling suspension" feature on etis and I have to replace the front struts tomorrow which is very concerning because I ordered aftermarket struts and I'm not sure if they will fit. The order was placed using the VIN. I can only find the OEM part no for the standard suspension struts. Also I have the econetic version which has lowered suspension by 10 mm, and no information if there is a different pn for this type of lowered suspension. In my opinion, the setting for the steering has nothing to do with "handling suspension". Has anyone replaced OEM struts on a FF econetic 2008 ? Thank you.
  4. Hello. I have the same problem with my car (Focus 12.2008 manufactured). Mine is a left hand drive, so I have water leaking on right side passenger side, only when parked uphill. So far i sealed with silicone the air intake from the vent motor, and a little rubber hose entrance under the right side of the windscreen but with no luck. I noticed that the water is coming from a small plastic bolt and a steel reinforcement bar underneath the glove box. Didn't have time to investigate more but I am determined to sort this out before it gets really rainy.
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