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  1. Hi guys n girls I dont know if its just my car but I am getting serious stone chips along my doors from my front wheels Im baffed because I had this issue before and now have mud flaps on but found a nasty stone chip on my drivers door just now also I got a chip just above the drivers window too lol dont ask how Why does the front wheels spit so much never had issues like this with anynither car (I presume it happens while on a bend)
  2. I got the st alloys on mine n I was looking to get some black bolts/nuts to match my alloys looked on ebay but there's alot of sizes etc, I aint got the foggiest lol Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  3. Thanks buddy
  4. I need 1 on mine lol
  5. Hi guys been a while I was wondering if the mk2.5 is suppose to come with the bonnet heat shield coz mine does not have it as I have the rs vents on n the water is goin on my freshly painted engine bay bits n surely not healthy for the engine either Please some help on this would be really appreciated as I cannot find on fleabay ;)
  6. Iv had these fitted for quite some time now and I think they're excellent for babies or drooling dogs lol Mine say st on the rear and focus on the fronts in blue (gotta b color coded) ;) The fronts are semi custom fit though cos the other ones I got from the seller wasnt a fitment I wanted
  7. Cars looking lush buddy N it neva stops man trust me there's always something more to do !Removed! brain dont rest lol
  8. Hope this helps These are 2.5" n cost me 300 custom made
  9. Thanks alot guys u been very helpful I haven't really done any mods recently i think iv ran out of ideas lol But as soon as I do something I will deffo post it here Im open to any ideas too :)
  10. Jus a quick shot after a detailing session ;)
  11. Hi guys n girls I wanna get both my st front grills glossed black I'll be taking it to the body shop for it but I want it done properly ie dont want it to start peeling n stuff over time etc Whats the best way to do it so I can tell the bodyshop I want it that way Thanks in advance guys ;)
  12. Where can I get these from buddy Cheers
  13. Hi bud Any chance of them details please ;)
  14. Thanks dude I deffo will give them a shout
  15. I also forgot to mention got a custom made induction kit done too