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  1. Changing 13" To 14" On A Ford Fiesta Lx 98

    Mine is doing that and I had it plugged in to diagnostics and it is something to do with the speedos. I went to Ford and they want £450 to sort it. I have a Zetec S - Ryan Morrissey from England This is exactly what mine is doing, when I have left it overnight it won`t tick over until I have driven it for about 30 seconds, then it is fine all day. It is really frustrating because I don`t want to waste my money to find out it is nothing
  2. After Some Normal Fiesta Zetec Wheels

    It'll need to be wheels from the same version of Fiesta. Wheels are far more different that you think, there is PCD, offset & hub diameter to consider and unless you want to get into having to think about all that, look for a similar Fiesta, try a scrapyard.
  3. New Member Needing Urgent Help Please..

    Hi all not a Ford owner yet but will be on Thursday when I pick up a 2006 2.2tdci titanium x mondeo. No questions yet but no doubt there will be!!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums johnson13 :)