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  1. Anyone know any good Ford independants or specialists in the Milton Keynes area? Got no indicators or hazards at the moment, no replies to a post on here and i dont wanna get ripped at a main dealer.
  2. OK, i'm stumped and could do with some suggestions please. Replaced the passenger side wing indicator bulb yesterday, immediately all the indicators packed up, regardless of using the indicator stalk or hazard button, i can hear the clicking but none are working and the gree arrow lights on the dash do not flash either. My immediate thought was a blown fuse, but i can't be sure which fuse is for the indicators, Wiki says F63 & F64 in the main fusebox, but both of those are fine. The handbook however says F63 & F64 are daytime running lights, hence the uncertainty. Two questions really, 1) can anyone tell me for sure, which fuse is for the indicators and 2) if it's a not a fuse, any other ideas? thanks Moved on a bit from here now. All fuses and relays checked. All OK. Seems the circuits are fine. Someone has mentioned the dash display itself or a control unit? More stumped than ever now.
  3. danger to yourself and more importantly, others. best advice, slow down muppet
  4. I had an '94 Orion some years back which suffered from a smilar problem. In the end the passenger footwell rusted through. It turned out that water was getting on the battery tray and due to me parking on a slight incline, working it's way back through to the passenger compartment. I'm no expert, but it might be worth checking under the bonnet to see if there are any damaged seals there, or evidence of water laying the engine.
  5. Newbie here! Just bought an '04 plate Mondeo Zetec TDCi 130 with 55k on the clock. Any idea what kind of consumption i should be getting? Motorway driving at 70 with the cruise on. The computer is saying 49mpg but i've heard it should be nearer 55? Anything obvious i'm missing? I've had a V6 Vectra for the past 5 years so completely lost track of what diesels can achieve these days.