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  1. No, actually I'm not the author of such software... I said it is developed by a russian member of the russian forum
  2. I found a program like ELMCONFIG but that works (FOR NOW) only on Focus MK3 Its name is FOCCCUS and it's developed by a user of the same russian forum as elmconfig. Here: You will find two links: "AS built" is a utility to download (edit and save to file) the AS BUILT CONFIGURATION of your car from ETIS. "FOCCCUS" is a promising software that allow you to change your current BCM and IPC configurations, with some addional and interesting tools. (like Elmconfig) I looked for that on this forum but found nothing about adn wanted to start a new topic, but I'm not allowed to do it. So I posted here. If anyone with higher privileges want to start a topic dedicated to FoCCCus is free to do it and let me know :) Here's my same topic (with screenshots) on our italian (Ford Focus Mk3) forum:
  3. Hi to everybody I'm a complete newbie on your forum but I'm very interested in elm-ff2. The only problem I own a 2011 Focus Mk3... is the ff2 software now working also on mk3?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Kethav :)