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  1. I think it is a little unrealistic to expect all production companies to have a fleet of cars - especially these older models which are comparatively rare. Also it would only take a quick call to the company to verify my identity and relieve any anxieties you might have. Perhaps your paranoia could be reduced with a little practical thinking. However for anyone reading this I have now sourced a suitable car and so no longer require your help. Thanks very much. Carla
  2. I can assure you we are a production company and have no intention of scamming anyone! Our web address is
  3. Hi all, I work for a TV company in Leeds called True North. We are currently making a crime documentary and are due to film a reconstruction this Tuesday (20th Jan). For this filming we are looking for either a Ford Granada or Sierra from around 1988. It would need to be the either cream or silver coloured. We would be able to pick up the car on the Tuesday morning and deliver it back to you that evening. We also can offer a small fee for the hire of the car. If anyone can help at all then please get in touch ASAP. I'm available on 0113 222 7487 or Thanks Carla