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  1. This may be a stupid question. How do I mute the audio system while keeping the BT alive? I cannot turn it off cause it turns of the BT too. If I lower the volume than I don't here the incoming call (I do on the phone but that sounds awkward way). Any suggestions?
  2. Cannot Update Ford Audio Software

    No. I tried calling contacts on my mobile phone, with no success. How does the system recognize contact on my phone using voice command? Does it know how contacts are pronounced? What if my phone contacts are not in English? I tried filling the phonetic field in a few contacts but that didn't help either.
  3. Cannot Update Ford Audio Software

    Thanks btmaldon. Tried with a different memory stick, same result.
  4. Cannot Update Ford Audio Software

    Any way of checking that? How do I get the correct update?
  5. I followed the manual instructions exactly, and I read all the posts on troubleshooting the software update, with no success. I put only the two english files in the root directory of the USB device, but it keeps saying "no files on device", and when turning the key on nothing happens. Tried disconnecting and connecting again, nothing. Suggestions? I'm not sure I need the update but thought it might solve another problem I have with the "store name" command (I opened a different post) Thanks.
  6. Hi All, I can't get the STORE NAME voice command to work. Her's the scenario: Me: "Phone" Ford: "Phone" Me: "Store Name" Ford: "Name please" Me: some name" Ford: "Name please" Me: Repeat the name Ford: "Sorry, command not recognized" I tried more than 10 times now, same story. I couldn't find the same problem report in the internet. Any ideas? Don't know if it matters, but my phone is Galaxy S II, and I manage to make calls from the phone itself and also receive calls. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I drive a Ford Focus 2012 Tourer Trend. The manual says that its possible to use voice dial to call numbers with assigned voice tags on the mobile phone. How do I assign voice tags on my smartphone (Galaxy S II)? Couldn't find such an option. Thanks
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Ofers :)