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  1. Trouble With My Dvd Player

    rick g, i have tested the battery, it test fine how i tested because of starting problems. sometimes it starts fine, and others its a struggle. everything else works fine though.
  2. hi does anybody know where im going wrong. i have fitted a dvd player in my ka. i have used the correct plugs. but for some reason the player wont hold the setting in the memory. i have tried changing the red lead and the yellow lead with no different results. i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
  3. Airbag Light

    hi guys does anybody know how to turn the airbag light off in a mondy. i have tried to plug in my sealey thing to erase it, with no joy at all. damn light been flashing for 2 days now and is getting well and truely on my nerves thank you for any help
  4. Introduction

    well in brief, i have been driving ford for awhile. i started in the 90's with transit vans. then brought ford cars. as i liked the fords. i now own two fords, both 2000 reg, mondeo and ka. though they are both in fairly good shape. there is some work to be done and some parts i need to get hold of. p.s. im not totally sure of how to operate the screens, i am trying though. if there is any help out there.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums denny :)