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  1. Happy Birthday Laura-Jade & TheKA :)!

  2. Buying A Ka

    although i dont know all that much about cars, ive had my ka collection 02 plate for over a year and ive got the smallest bit of rust! i think its all about keeping a car in good condition. all girls love a KA! although id really love a defender, its the easiest car ive driven. but thats in my opinion, lots of guys drive KAs too i havent seen one with lots of rust just a little.. i hate the noise ka's make! drives me crazy. i dont think they are prone to many problems. :)
  3. Wanting A New Stereo

    Hello i want a new stereo in my car, one i can connect my ipod/phone in because im sick of CDs. and at the moment i am in need of a code so i can even listen to the radio can anyone help??? im clueless! Laura :)
  4. Newbie From Mk :-)

    newbieee! need some help using this site bit clueless!! :)
  5. Looking For Ka Tyres

    im new to this Ford owners club and i was just seeking a little help!! at the moment my ka has 16inch alloys and there not suitable to pass an MOT and they rub a little! Anyone know of a place/someone whos selling some cheapish ones that will fit not that i know what make size or anything (pretty useless!!) help ?? :)
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Laura-Jade & TheKA :) :)