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  1. Absolute rotbox: 2-300 Poor condition: 4-500 Decent condition 6-1200 (dependant on how everything is)
  2. Used to be with them, I hope to god you don't have it nicked or crashed. They are absolute murder. They're only good for ncb boosting by having a car insured but not driven. Now with Egg Insurance, pretty good deal.
  3. You're welcome to come to me, I can't really afford to travel anywhere great at the moment. I've become a bit of a MK3 nut.
  4. The 'lower' mpg comes from all the conversions. In actuality you're doing better mpg. It's just a fair bit of math to work out you are doing better.
  5. Not worth it. The 1.3 has the exact same issue. I'm about to go out and grind off the heads to remove the indentation which causes the noise and then set the gaps correctly afterwards. That's pretty much all you can do unless you go to a parts centre and buy them new (looking at around £70 if you do that though).
  6. Yeah, I'm thinking of adding a kill-switch via relays onto the starter and distributor.
  7. It should do. Heard any clunking or clicking from the clutch pedal? If so, it's self adjusting and going mental. Is the bite point seemingly low on the pedal? What may have happened is the clutch has decided to be very annoying and has adjusted itself to just below the bite point, creating the squeal and the creep forward.
  8. Got it back. Safe and sound aside from a crowbar (or something) to the top of the passenger door and being hotwired. Just gotta go through some repairs now.
  9. Oh so it's those that blind me and make me veer off the road!!!!
  10. Speedy's on London Road in Derby (noticed you're in Derbyshire) do 20 quid a tyre and do the work for you. (quick edit: No I don't work for them! lol)
  11. You've got to live with the 'dreaded fiesta disease'. Best thing is keep making sure the oil is ok and topped up nicely. I just changed the oil on my 93 fiesta and it was like the tappet noise turned off. You can adjust the tappets but it'll be a week before they change again, and it's a fair bit of work! Get a Haynes manual and have a read through. As long as you can do 30 without barely noticing it it's fine. If it sounds worse at first start of the day, it's just one of those things.
  12. Just sounds like a very minor machining fault if it's affecting other new fiestas as well. As long as it only heats the window when it's supposed to (ie. light on) it should be fine.
  13. Got to remove a door (well, two, one to replace another). What's the easiest 'replacement/substitute' for a hinge pin removal tool? That seems to be the only stumbling block atm...
  14. Well I hope I do get it back. Some good news (in the form of no news is good news) is that there have been no burnt out fiestas noted. Knowing the reputation of Fiestas' it is likely that little damage was made getting in to the car. It was also likely hotwired considering some noises were noted at the probably time of theft, but as next door were being noisy and in and out etc it was assumed to be them with their car. The police have said that the more time goes on the more likely it is that it will turn up as just abandoned. *fingers crossed*
  15. Mine was very easily stolen last night. Been pee'd off all day. No sign of any flaming wreck reported by the Fire Service either, so it's out there somewhere. Hopefully if I get it back I'll come up with some very creative 'immobiliser' solutions. There hasn't been a stolen car in this area for ten years so this is a very strange incident. It was a nice car as well :( Just needed a little random rant....