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  1. Hi Can anyone tell me what bulb size is for the map lights on a focus mk2 as I would like to change them for LED's. I have changed the festoon courtesy light for an LED one and took a punt on T4 bulbs for the map lights but they are too large. The existing bulbs are opposite pin bayonet fitting and look like T4, 249 and the 293 style bulbs here Cheers for any help. Al.
  2. Cheer Ashleigh, Hope to have the guide up early next week.
  3. Ha... We appear to have gone on a grail hunting tangent. Did you say shrubberies?
  4. That looks smart mate. The tint on my existing light looks pretty good so I am going to leave it for the time being but could be worth an upgrade in the future.
  5. Saw your guide for this mate. Will probably not bother though as I can't think of a single occasion where I have thought it would be useful to have a second reverse light. Might upgrade the bulbs though. Cheers guys. A guide seems like a popular idea so I will get cracking. I think I will make it as straight forward as possible so that anyone no matter what camera they are using can benefit its amazing how a few tips and tricks can improve your pictures even if you are using a phone camera as many people are. If that goes well then I might do a slightly more in depth version for folk who want to get a bit more out of there dSLR. Al
  6. Experiment Gav, there's a whole world beyond auto! Do you think there would be call for some hints and tips of photographing fords/cars in general? I could put something together if there was interest.
  7. Got a clear fog light and a courtesy light with the map lights in on the way. Today I tinted the high level brake light which blends with the plastic spoiler, looks smart and not to boy racer. Has any one have any experience of using LED's in the high level brake light? Plenty of light still comes through but if the LED's are noticeably brighter then its got to be worth upgrading. As for other stuff it will be a case of as time and more importantly money allows.
  8. Ha cheers Lenny, will put more pics up as I make any changes. Got a few more bits from ebay that should be here this week :)
  9. Cheers Gav Photography is my day job so I don't really have a excuse if my pics are not up to scratch.
  10. Hi Folks Discovered this forum and have been inspired to have a little tinker and update a few things on my focus. First I only intend to do subtle cheap modifications as I have experience in the past of spending a lot of money on cars that you can never recoup when it is time to sell and I have lots of other errr.. demands on my wallet. So far I have added LED side lights, LED interior bulb and Silver rear bulbs and on the inside updated the heater controls which is a quality mod. More to come and I will keep you updated with photos Hope you like Al
  11. Hi Folks I'm Alastair and I have a 2006 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 in Sea Grey that I have owned for 3 years now. Lack of funds mean I am unable to change it so I decided to start looking after it a little better and discovered this forum and lots of little projects I could do that don't break the bank. I will start a thread over in the focus section with some pics of what I have done so far. Cheers Al
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Alastair Robb :)