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  1. New Model Fiesta....but Which To Go For??

    Try sitting in both - the doors on the 3 door are long which puts the seat belt a long way back - it could easilly become difficult to reach that far back as you get older. I bought a Titanium Econetic 5-door about 3 months back as a 3rd vehicle aimed at economy as I cover a fairly high mileage each year. I drive it reasonably gently (~60mph on the motorway) and have averaged 71mpg over 7000m since I got the vehicle - seems to have dropped to high 60's in the past few days as the weather has cooled down - probably the cold starts (heated windows front & rear etc) on my 12m each way commute to work.
  2. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I purchased a March 12 econetic 1.6TDCi early in July with ~900 miles on the clock. In the past 2.5 months I have covered 5748miles and have put 80.60 gal of diesel in - that equates to an average of 71.39mpg. I tend to cruise at around 58-60 mph on motorways and have a 12mile each way daily commute to work which is a mix of rural and urban A roads - best tankfull so far was 518miles for 6.73 gal (30.58L) - which was 77.0 mpg maily motorway from Devon to Scotland via merseyside.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums CarlW :)