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  1. @williamtm 6 days here 😜😎

  2. RT @cycling_weakly_: Can't say it much better than that! #ShareTheRoads #MakeLoveNotWar

  3. @williamtm why aren’t you using the native Windows 10 FB app?

  4. RT @innocent: This week's weather.

  5. RT @ErrataRob: Wow, pinging the #Juno spacecraft takes almost an hour for a reply!!

  6. RT @diversionary: Seriously, America.

  7. RT @QuantumPirate: Number one seller in Waitroses nationwide

  8. RT @sturdyAlex: HMRC offices are owned by offshore company. For tax reasons. *stares* That is basically STRAIGHT UP TROLLING. https://t…

  9. RT @MikePattinson: Slight breeze this morning #EasterMonday #StormKatie

  10. RT @JZdziarski: How confidentiality notices on email signatures work.

  11. RT @jonathansampson: git commit -m "Fixed interface issues."

  12. Lovely day for a bike ride - one of the nicest days we've had this year! #Swanage #Dorset…

  13. RT @JimMcKeeth: How users read all confirmation and error dialogs.

  14. @NYBakeryCo your new bagel sandwich thins are great, but wrapping them a second time, inside the main bag, is a huge waste of plastic :-(

  15. I liked a @YouTube video from @zaggdaily The iPad 3 Scratch Test