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  1. Hi everyone, I've disconnected the battery and I can't seem to lock the passenger door manually? There's no key on the passenger handle and nothing inside to lock so I was wondering how do you look the passenger door manually? Mk7 2010 Fiesta. Thanks for the help everyone, Paul
  2. I only saw my first facelift zetec s the other day parked up, pretty rare around here it seems and I must admit it did look the part. The white will look great, especially under street lights :) Hopefully one day I might be able to make the jump!
  3. Looking good mate, liking that you have good idea and direction as to what you want and where you want to go :) Keep it up, looking forward to the progress
  4. Congratulations on your purchase, you must be very pleased and struggling to sleep!
  5. Give Esso a go if there's one near you :)
  6. I only used the standard Esso fuel as it was 138.9 which I was pleased with as the other 2 around here are 141.9 and 143.9! I then passed another Esso later on which was 141.9. All this inconsistency with prices is a nightmare!
  7. Pretty pleased. Just used Esso fuel in my car for the first time. On a 160 mile round trip I pulled 43.8MPG average peaking at 44.1. Don't think that's too bad considering I had a load of a full P.A and music equipment which weighs a tonne.
  8. Hi Martin, I completely agree. After driving a 6 speed Focus, 70mph in a Fiesta just seems to be torture to the engine both rev and noise wise. And with the cost of fuel rising by April, makes it even worse!
  9. Really annoying. If i was to get insured right now on a Mk2 Focus zetec S it would £1089, however as I have 3 months left on current insurance, it would cost over £1000 to end it early! So will have to wait it out. Flipping Elephant
  10. Such a tricky one! I was looking at buying a mk2 focus ST. My current insurance on my mk7 is £156. I got the car when I was 20 hence the high price. I only have 3 more payments until it's renewed when it will go down to £54, saving over a 100 quid. I got an insurance quote on the ST and it was only £80 pound so thought I could get an ST and still be paying less money that what I am now. However, I then took into account that it will be much jucier to run, specially that the fuel prices will be going up, and I could be riddled with problems, where as my current car is a lovely thing that hasn't gone wrong once *touch wood* and is fairly cheap to run. I know on the outside it looks a really good deal, however looking into it, as I do a lot of driving was just a bit much of a risk so I have decided to keep my current car, and save hard for a couple of years until I can lay down a hefty deposit on a car I'm really after, plus will be much better on my insurance as I'll be 25. Entirely up to you! Weigh up the options, pros and cons and you'll have an idea :) Just my thoughts
  11. Hi mate, Try giving the car a test ride when it comes out. You shouldn't have to be convinced into getting one, if you give it a drive then you'll know as you'll get that feeling. I know what it's like though, I'm torn between too, but not sure if it's just for the sake of it as it's all new and current considering I have a car that works fine already. It is a tough one!
  12. I'm extremely lucky, only working 2 minutes walk from my house ;) However, like you say, you'll spend half your fuel in hold ups nowadays anyway
  13. Very nice! You must be well chuffed!
  14. Yep, exactly! A shame how blind they can be sometimes to realise that raising fuel prices just aids towards the climate as it makes simple things like going to work much more expensive in the first place! How are you supposed to make money when earning it becomes more expensive?! I dunno eh
  15. I hope so! I heard on the radio this evening about the petrol prices will be a record price come April, as the price of filling a typical family car has risen by £4 in the last 6 weeks, so maybe it's still going ahead?