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  1. Focus St170 Wont Start

    Afternoon, My car from hell has decided to pack in again and is refusing to start. The ignition lights are coming on however the engine is refusing to turn over. Battery is ok as is the key. The immobiliser light isnt flashing either when trying to start so it isnt that. Something strange that I have noticed is the fuel pump is constantly priming while the ignition is on. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers John
  2. Bang When Changing Gears

    yeah mate thats all fine. if i take the driveshaft out and turn the hub on the gearbox by hand it still jams.
  3. Hi, i have a 1999 mondeo st24. i have just replaced the drivers front wheel bearing and wishbone. whilst replacing these the drive shaft was removed. after putting it back together ive just took for a drive and there is an alarming bang when releasing clutch after changing gear. also just jacked up the car and the wheel seems to jam after a couple of revolutions. if i turn it back a bit it will release and spin a couple more revolutions before jamming again. what the hell have i done wrong? im moments off scrapping the car. any help would be appreciated. cheers john
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums octane41 :)