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  1. just fit them now no problems went straight in. Look pretty cool too :-)
  2. Im liking the sound of that actually lol maybe next time when i get bored of the blue :-)
  3. Yeh no probs ive been wondering if they would fit for a while. They should do though ther cant be that much difference in the zetecs doors to the st doors... fingers crossed :-)
  4. I bought the same ones as you for my zetecs. Im gunna fit them to the st tonight. I knew they were around 20 quid just couldn't remember haha
  5. Hi mike, nice choice in car. I bought my wind deflectors off ebay for 20 quid so i rekon thats your best bet. As for engine mods not really too sure for the new 2013 zetec s models you may wanna shop around a bit ther will probs be some kind of induction kit out ther :-)
  6. Thanks pal yeh i wasn't too sure when i put them on either but they have grown on me. I like to be unique and just love messing about with different ideas :-)
  7. Thanks mate yeh i think so too really stands out. Bit different i spose :-)
  8. Just bought these badges for the fezza i think they work quite well
  9. This may sound stupid but ill ask anyway... can you take your car to any ford dealer to get a mountune upgrade and do they do it ther. Just out of curiosity lol
  10. Haha snap! Nice colour in the sun isnt it
  11. Thanks mate well i first went in to look at a new zetec s but this was in the showroom and i had to have it so only waited about a week. Was quite lucky really lol
  12. Thanks mate. im not sure, i was driving down the road and i could just tell i had a flat. So i pulled over and ther was a big hole in the tyre it was a nightmare start but soon got it fixed and back out ther :-)
  13. Hi all finally got my bew fiesta st2 in molten orange what an amazing car. Although i had it for two hours and got a flat tyre lol. Just don't know what colour dmb's to get now :-)
  14. Haha angry clown yeh tell me about it. Thats why i took them off and went with the white backround with chrome writing lol
  15. This is white with black writing when i first got the car