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  1. Try this link Hope it's the correct one, it is the one for my 2007 focus
  2. I've always used these to remove rounded nuts
  3. Try this link Hope it helps
  4. Before you put the pistons back, did you clean them? Or were they rusted/ pitted?
  5. Thank you for sharing that
  6. Thanks Alex, I've only had the car a few months and its not worked since then, will try my local dealer. Thanks again
  7. Ford etis says bt/vc interface only 8 series radio speakers with telephone prep pack design b Less cell phone interface system Voice activated module - British with column stalk control
  8. Thanks for your replys guys, just seems odd that there's a bluetooth module and voice on the radio stalk. but if it isnt bluetooth enabled, there's not a lot i can do
  9. Hi I have a mk2 focus, with voice steering control, bluetooth module 7m5t19g488-ad in the glovebox and a sony gen2 head unit, when i press the phone button on the unit it only mutes the audio,for some reason i cannot connect my phone via bluetooth, i have tried resetting the system by 1: removing fuse 112 & 2: disconnecting the battery I have to re enter my radio code after doing this, but my stored stations are still remembered in the head unit and still no bluetooth Any ideas please
  10. Thank you all for the replys ;-)
  11. I'm not sure if they are similar, but I had exactly the same problem with another car and it was the motor
  12. Hi Has anyone fitted one of these If so are they any good? or can anyone advise me on a better way to connect my iphone to my stereo Cheers Tom
  13. Not a yellow one, but will this do?
  14. They are the same service manuals I have with my mk2 57 plate focus