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  1. Happy Birthday KatePocket!

  2. no such look (booo!) she said they won't do anything because it's out of warrenty....could they not have written that in the letter....!!
  3. I was expecting a letter telling me to take it to my local ford dealer in future...basically saying f**k off, so i suppose this is better than that! I'll be ringing up tomorrow on my lunch so i will report back afterwards!
  4. I'd be pleased if they'd take a look at it free of charge....if i can get a proper diagnosis then i can get it done somewhere where it won't cost me an arm or a leg.
  5. I figure i may as well ask for the most i can...then if we have to compromise ill get more!!!
  6. So...as a stab in the dark last week i thought i'd write to ford and tell them about all my problems with my car in the hope they might offer me something. I got a letter back today asking me to phone them at my earliest convinience to discuss my concerns. Is that a result?! I don't wanna get my hopes up...but do you think they might offer me anything?
  7. I always get that too...kinda damp? I figured i just need an air con service...another thing i can't afford lol
  8. I've heard this too. My brother in law is called Ben Collins and is a regular at Silverstone for track days, all the instructors there are always laughing and joking about the fact the really stig has apparently got the same name. I heard also that Heikki Kovolinen (i know that's spelt wrong....!) did it once or twice too.
  9. My mum and dad have a polo sport (such a lame car...) its 1.6 105bhp but i'm pretty certain that my flame is exally as powerful, i had my air filter changed 2 weeks ago and that has made a difference to acceleration speed.
  10. I'll try that, thanks :)
  11. I had a short list of a Fiesta, Clio, Aygo or Yaris. Glad i got my Fiesta cos i love it, it looks good and it's better than my first car....just the constant things goin wrong im not loving!
  12. Exactly!! My boyfriend has a Clio 172 Cup which he gets more miles out of...it's a sore subject!! @ Paul - i drive so carefully, i've completely readapted my driving style since i got this car to try and help the MPG issue, but nothing has worked.
  13. I like the sound of that, but not sure i could afford it, i'm paying just under £180 a month for this one until september 2011...will look into it though definately..gets more appealling everyday...especially after i got an all time low of 19mpg today....!!!!
  14. Mine was an S reg Corsa Breeze. 0.92l (apparently..although i thought the smallest was 1l) the bonet faded to pink on a regular basis.
  15. Ford Options thing...? I have considered selling it and getting something else, but i'm still paying for it - until September 2011 so i'm a bit stuck there :(