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  1. Lumpy?

    Hi, Car feels a bit lumpy at low revs and has a slight misfire on full throttle. Anyone got any ideas please?.
  2. Clutch

    Hi, is the clutch self adjusting on mondeo's?.
  3. Mk2 Mondeo Si

    Hi, seems to be some confusion about this topic. I know it is a 2.0 16v but I thought the cc was 1989cc not 1980cc. What I am trying to find out is if the paperwork for the car has always been wrong from day one.
  4. Mk2 Mondeo Si

    I did that but it says 1980cc which I am sure is wrong. I have all the paperwork with the car from day one and they all say 1980cc but I thought they were 1989cc engines.
  5. Mk2 Mondeo Si

    Hi there, Can anybody tell me what cc this engine is please?. Car is on a 99 T-reg with the blacktop engine. Many thanks.