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  1. Bluetooth Phone Compatability

    Thanks I have factory reset my phone and it conects to the car looks at the cals in, calls out and phone book. I can feel my phone vibrate when it connects so I press the phone button on radio to make sure it has connected and it has but then it disconnects itself so when I press the phone button on the radio again it says phone unobtainable.As for the usb port I have looked all around center cosole and hand brake but have not found it. Thanks
  2. Bluetooth Phone Compatability

    Hi Chris thanks for that. It is a Sony Stereo with the phone buttons I have looked in the glove box but can't see it will it be under a cover or something or should I take it to the dealers. Thanks again Lee
  3. Hi I have a samsung GT15500 phone and it would connect to the bluetooth in the focus I have when I first got the car but now it doesn't stay connected. I have heard there is a update which is done through the usb port in the car. Can anyone tell me where it is? I have looked in the glove box under the dash etc where you think it would be located and all I can find is the connector for the diagnostics. Please help as I'm getting frustrated Thank you
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Lswilson :)