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  2. okay thanks :)
  3. im worried about the engine size putting things up when the mods will do the same as a 1.6 costs me upwards of 4000 to insure lol
  4. Thanks guys, i should have mentioned at the start that the body kit isnt a now thing, that was an eventual maybe one day thing but the other bits were a sorta in the next 6-12 months kinda thing. I understand the insurance and having to declare everything and mines around £2000 with alloy wheels, i was wondering if the painted brake calipers would increase insurance?
  5. near the top of the page you should see your user name click that then click my profile, on the page that takes you too click on your current picture and it will let you change it
  6. how would i go about recalibrating it? and id love to have a 1.6 but this is my first car and that pushes the insurance even higher than it already is
  7. Hi, im new to modifying cars, and id love to upgrade the speakers in my MK7, is it as simple as taking off the cover and swapping out the speakers for new ones?
  8. I'd go for red out of those colours im thinking of doing this to my MK7 but i think im gonna do some Yellow ones :D. How do you fit them ?
  9. Hi again Guys & Girls , so i was gonna do some performance mods but you guys have shown me i cant hope for much with my 1.2L style + ahh well i guess i can live with that :P, but not one to like leaving things as they are im now looking into visual mods more. As previously intended i think im going to go for a Pumaspeed Body kit with the Excessive spoiler... because well i can really. http://www.pumaspeed...k_911.jsp&pic=6 as my car is black obviously i will be matching the body kit to that. i think im going to go for a Black theme with bits of yellow and carbon fibre dotted around it for example im thinking of getting these carbon fibre mirror caps http://www.mountunes...Fibremirrorcaps and a yellow lacker for my brake calipers because i thought it would add a nice bit of colour without looking too tacky but hey its my first car so in my opinion tack is allowed ;) http://www.demon-twe...-engine-lacquer I also think im going to get these alloys from mountune (although i was hoping for advice as my wheels currently are 15" but these are 17" so obviously new tyres would be needed but i was thinking that would probably affect the speedo too ? would it not?) so yeah what would i do about that? and is it even possible http://www.mountunes...une--MS--Alloys unless you guys can suggest something else (maybe cheaper?) i was wondering if you guys had any ideas for the inside of the car? Any comments would be great so thanks in advance guys
  10. Okay thanks guys :D, is there a way to use a higher spec fiesta engine 1.4/1.6 so i can look into doing some things like this, ive done a few small things so far like a push to start button and interior LED's and building a TomTom into the dash but nothing major, i wouldnt assume this would affect much in terms of what i could do performance wise?
  11. Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!

  12. okay so this is my first post on here but basically i have a 2009 Ford Fiesta Mk7 Style + 1.2L, its black and currently unmodified. I want to seriously boost the performance of it to as close to Ken Blocks Mk7 which done 0-60 in 1.9seconds, but i dont really know where to start, so i was hoping you guys (&girls) might have some ideas? and help would be appreciated, i would like as fast 0-60 as possible but i dont want it to be able to get to 100/110mph without strain. Also i think im going to get a pumaspeed body kit too.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums iMitchellHD :)