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  1. very nice i like very much :)
  2. its a great car mate and with the discount you got it will cover the insurance for the first year :-)
  3. omg sorry to hear about you car mate if you have any mods on car that insurance dont know about might be worth removing them before they pick it up the only thing i know about gap is that you have to get the ok from them before you can except an offer from your insurance hope it all gets sorted quickly for you
  4. lovely looking car mate and welcome :)
  5. thanks for you comments :) +1 on the above a friend of mine uses colinite 845 insulater to finish his focus st but i haven't used it myself yet i just use autoglym deep shine and extra gloss protection and a lot of hard work but after my hols will be treating myself and the car to snowfoam and some collinite :)
  6. this is the wifes zetec s in dark micastone :)
  7. back in the days when i had ( was allowed to have ) a motorbike i was going quite swiftly when a small bird hit me in the chest and at the speed i was going the bird was no more oh and i was nearly no more too as it knocked the wind right out of me so i had to pull over to get my breath back ...... shame the bird couldn't do the same :P
  8. so the sun wasn't out so i thought i would clean the car but as soon as i started the sun came out so took alittle longer than i had planed but it was worth it in the end
  9. hi scotthunter i have a metal in black and it is a great car i average 43.2 and i drive a round trip of 74 miles a day mainly a roads with about 3 miles of town roads the car has done 6000 miles now and the climate is always on so i am very pleased with the mpg oh and i dont drive like a granny either lol :D :D :D
  10. you should try www.blackcircle .com you pick the tyre you want the place you want them fitted even the day and time you want them fitted and above all really good prices :)
  11. welcome to the sony world :D :D :D
  12. yipee at last they have arrived
  13. looks good mate :)
  14. hears mine and i dont drive like a granny (well not all the time) :) 1.6 petrol fiesta metal