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  1. Yeah I plasti dipped mine black, had to take it off though as I curbed one of the alloys and I had run out of spray to repair it.
  2. Plasti Dip, Is It Any Good?

    I first used plasti dip about 12 months ago on my old mk7 zetec I did all the chrome pieces and the rear diffuser it made it look so much better as it was a black car. I removed it all easily when it came time to trade it in. I now have a white zetec s and I'm looking to use it again on my alloys either in white or black.
  3. Mountune Exhaust

    Yeah that was me who won it however I decided not to buy it in the end as I would rather have the money for some lowering springs.
  4. Fiesta Metal Exhaust

    Thanks for the link I managed to buy it for £130 :D
  5. Fiesta Metal Exhaust

    Hi I have had my fiesta zetec s for a couple of weeks now and I'm looking at upgrading the appearance of my car. I would like to get an exhaust like the new fiesta metals have, could I buy one of these from a Ford dealer and have it fitted, would it need welding or could it just bolt on. I have seen the mountune cat back but it is £300 :( and I don't like the way it sits on the rear bumper it looks like it points down. So could I fit a fiesta metal exhaust/back box onto my zetec s 120ps or would it be more expensive than the mountune option? Thanks Tom
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums tham :)