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  1. Smax - Key Not Detected

    I had the same problem and it turned out to be a 12 v extension cable tiht two 12v outlets and 2 usb ports plugged into the cigarette lighter
  2. Key Not Detected

    I had a problem in as far as I could not start the car as the fault code read key not detected upon further investigation it was found that a devise plugged into the 12v socket to give two extro 12v outlets plus a usb and battery monitoring system from a local high street shop is interfering with the key detection. has anyone else had this problem on their s-max or any other Ford
  3. beware has anyone else encountered problems when using a halfords 2 way 12 v multisocket with two USB charging points I have found that it interfered with key recognition

  4. Key Detection

    I have a S-Max 140 Titanium delivered in January this year which is experiencing problems eg key not detected when in the car and also when running and you drop a passenger off it says key outside of car has anyone else experienced this problem
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums johns65 :)