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  1. I would suggest looking at your log book? That is what your car is. Sometimes parcel shelves vary from 3 to 5 door cars so unless you know they are the same for both cars make sure you buy a parcel shelf from a 5 door car. To my knowledge Ford didn't make a zetec in a 1.25. However Zetec means - Z.ero E.mission T.iming E.xhuast C.ontrol - hope that helps. :)
  2. Not had this problem on my fiesta. But I would check to see the connections are dry because if they are wet they can go funny. Other than that. If your car is under warranty I would take it to a Ford dealer and have them look over it.
  3. Hello all :) Bought my first Ford 3 days ago and already had some problems but they have been sorted... just. I own a very striking Fiesta Zetec S 30th Anniversay Edition. Which my girlfreind has now named Big Bird.... anyway. Anyone in the Cheshire area wanna go for a meet or a cruise send me a message although I am still getting used to this site so don't be offended if i don't reply striaght away :D
  4. Sorry in advance for multiple postings. But I have just fixed my drainange problem!!! YAY!!! Basicly gk141054 the "drainage holes" are more like drainage slits. Park your car on a hill facing up it. Then just on the underside of the door there is a tiny slit. Mine was blocked up with motorway gunk. (salt and dirt mixture). Got a knife and just poked it a little bit and the water poured out. Work your way along and there is another slit aprox in the middle of the door and then theres a hole just at the front. If you cant see properly get a cloth and wipe in between the rubber seel and the outer part of the door and you may even get lucky by just doing that. If you need pictures I will be happy to help. But have read elsewhere that it is the dirvers responsibilty to keep these holes clean... odd since its a design flaw. :)
  5. I have just found out according to my local ford dealer "Water ingress is only covered for 12 months" ! ! ! Its been raining hard for 2 days striaght now I have a small swimming pool in my car door by the sounds of it. Apparently it is the owners responsibilty to keept he drainage holes clear. I can't find them on my door? I need to drain this water out urgently. Anyone any info for DIY temporary fix or where they are and how to clear them. Thanks guys
  6. I have this problem on my 07 Zetec S But my water isn't draining out :( can anyone help me with this? are the drainage holes in the metal or the plastic under the door? Thanks