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  1. Mk7 tdci titanium esp question.

    I’ll have a look after work mate
  2. Mk7 tdci titanium esp question.

    Hi Yunii I fitted the esp switch to my pre facelift, although I have factory fitted front and read parking sensors so have the switch on the centre console, ford don’t have the switch I need (ie parking sensor switch and esp switch) so I followed a guide on on how to alter the pins on the little circuit board on the back of the switch panel, and it works a treat, only thing is, the esp button doesn’t illuminate but it does work
  3. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    That’s the whole assembly mate...... sounds like you just need the little clip on the end, check your broken one and see if it’s possible to separate it from the latch wire, if you can save yourself £19.95 and get one for a couple of quid from the scrappies [emoji106]
  4. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    You should be able to get one of those door latches from a car breakers yard,
  5. Ford fiesta mpg

    I have a 2010 1.6 Petrol which returns around 44mpg has recently dropped down to 41 I’d put that down to the colder weather so using heated screens and heater etc
  6. Battery and car standing for 2 days.

    Sounds like your battery is on its way out, not holding a charge.... take it to a garage that you trust and ask them to check the health of the battery. I have a 60 plate fiesta and mine was doing exact same, I replaced the battery and it’s been fine since
  7. Fitting DAB into MK7.5

    I’m sorry I can’t help either but I will follow this thread as it is definitely an upgrade I want to do on my car, although mine is a pre facelift.
  8. Radiator fan

    Is your air con switched on? If it is then it’s normal for your fan to be on.
  9. I’m pretty sure anything above 6000k is not road legal, so Jonro is right to recommend mid 5k’s they are crisp pure white and look great.
  10. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    My other half’s 2007 Ford ka had exact same problem, turned out to be the heater control valve, it’s located between the scuttle panel and engine bay, bit of a pain to get to but once replaced it fixed the issue, not sure if the fiesta mk6.5 has same type of valve but definitely worth checking
  11. Does Colour Matter?

    I had a red 1983 mk1 fiesta, had it for 6 years but in the end the paint faded and looked very tired, few years later I got a red 1997 corsa only had it for 6 months before I got rid, as it started fading drastically, vowed never to get another red car, to date I have kept to my word, but these days red paints have definitely improved, with less fading and decent shades and finishes, red certainly impresses when clean and polished like wiltos focus above.
  12. Potential Purchase, Quick Question

    I don’t think the OP stated that it’s an import, just that the odometer reads in km instead of miles, which is an easy selectable option on the car’s settings
  13. Potential Purchase, Quick Question

    Yes it’s easily fixed through the car’s settings
  14. Fog light conversation

    Just go easy and take your time, you may break a couple of clips from the door card, be careful when unclipping the lock mechanism