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  1. What seats have you ordered? Are they heated? My console should be here through the week so will hopefully get time to do them next weekend. I'm going to try and wire in the cup holder ambient lights too
  2. Cool, I've just ordered one so I'll post back here with pics of what's involved in fitting it
  3. Does anyone know if the centre console from a mk7.5 will fit straight into a mk 7?
  4. The ambients are only to create a romantic environment for my missus and I to "play" in. I thought candles were a wee bit dodgy [emoji23]
  5. Yes I do have those submarine lights and it does look like I have the ambients in the wee cubby hole below my stereo (I thought it just may be over spillage of light coming from my climate control panel though. Is it possible just to tap into either of them to illuminate cup holders also will it be a direct swap over from my existing one? (The new one has the armrest too
  6. I'd love to tell you my age but I'd never live it down if I did lol , I have just stumbled on the opportunity of buying a centre console with armrest and ambient lighting, so was only wondering if I'd be Able to make them work [emoji2]
  7. Hi all I have just bought a pre facelift mk7 titanium it has been fitted with ambient lighting on the glovebox but nowhere else, I was wondering if I bought a centre console with cup holder ambient lights fitted, would I be able to tap into the glovebox wiring to make the cup holder ambients illuminate?
  8. Cheers mate, I always liked this forum, especially compared to the other forum I joined when I had a non ford [emoji4]
  9. Unfortunately it doesn't come up when I cycle through radio button, and according to ford etis there's no mention of DAB. So can I buy an equipped Sony system and it will work on my car? I was under the impression that ford audio systems are programmed into a vehicles ecu as a security feature? Where can I pick up a modified ELM327 adaptor and Forscan?
  10. Hi all I'm not exactly a newbie on this forum but I have recovered my account as I'm the proud owner of a mk7 fiesta 1.6 titanium, I did quite a few mods and retrofits to my old mk6 so up for doing small mods to my new car, open to suggestions as I don't really know where to start. Here's a pic of my car.
  11. Hi all, I have just bought a 2010 1.6 titanium with the Sony head unit, I have been trying to find the DAB function but can't seem to see it in any of the menus. Could someone possibly tell me where I'm going wrong? I'm beginning to think that there's possibly some Sony systems not equipped with DAB. If this is the case is it something I can add/retrofit?
  12. Hi mate did you ever manage to get your regulator panel off? I'm back on this forum after a few years of owning a non ford. So will be o hand to help, you're not toofaraway from me so if you need a hand just give me a shout
  13. Just needs a bit of gentle persuasion mate, I've not got my mk6 anymore, but if you give it another go I'll talk you through how to do it, but I'd need a photo of it as I can't quite remember how it looks 🙈
  14. Sorry to come into this topic years since it was originally opened, I am new to mk 7 I have just bought a 2010 1.6 titanium which already has the lighting above the glovebox in place, however I have been having a little dig around and it seems that fully ambient equipped cars (from the factory) have the cup holders and the cubby hole below the heater panel lit up too, should I be able to fit the stock light strips and wire them up by tapping into glovebox lighting?
  15. Hi all, I'm not new to fiestas, I've had them all from a mk1 to mk 6 now I'm looking for a mk7 for around £5000 I'm finding plenty zetec,edge and style, but I'm looking for a higher spec like titanium model, they are few and far between I want one fully loaded with all the optional extras esp, Sony cd cruise control folding mirrors and heated seats. Does anyone know if retro fitting those is possible?