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  1. Fiesta Diesel

    Ah ok that clears that up for me, as it was a 2006 which didn’t have a dpf, so didn’t have to worry about keeping it clean. Cheers
  2. Fiesta Diesel

    Can I ask why a diesel isn’t advisable with an annual mileage of 10k? I had a turbo diesel and averaged out about 12.5k per year (also lots of short stop start journeys) had it for three years with no problems with it al all
  3. Adams story game

    Made her look like
  4. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    You will need to remove the black panel as your window regulator is attached to the other side of it, did you manage to get your window out from inside the door?
  5. Fog light conversation

    We’re the looms you bought from a five door?
  6. Fog light conversation

  7. Fog light conversation

    Have a look at the connectors on it...... is there a brownish connector like this?.........
  8. Another Word Game

  9. Another Word Game

  10. Fog light conversation

    Was just thinking, if it’s not the one shot down, you should be able to buy the loom which supports this and add it when you add the electric mirrors, all you would need to do is get the one touch window switch as well
  11. Adams story game

    Fish frogs and female
  12. Adams story game

    Swimming around in my
  13. Another Word Game

  14. Adams story game

    Festering since I was
  15. Word Game

    Design engineer