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  1. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    My other half’s 2007 Ford ka had exact same problem, turned out to be the heater control valve, it’s located between the scuttle panel and engine bay, bit of a pain to get to but once replaced it fixed the issue, not sure if the fiesta mk6.5 has same type of valve but definitely worth checking
  2. Does Colour Matter?

    I had a red 1983 mk1 fiesta, had it for 6 years but in the end the paint faded and looked very tired, few years later I got a red 1997 corsa only had it for 6 months before I got rid, as it started fading drastically, vowed never to get another red car, to date I have kept to my word, but these days red paints have definitely improved, with less fading and decent shades and finishes, red certainly impresses when clean and polished like wiltos focus above.
  3. Potential Purchase, Quick Question

    I don’t think the OP stated that it’s an import, just that the odometer reads in km instead of miles, which is an easy selectable option on the car’s settings
  4. Potential Purchase, Quick Question

    Yes it’s easily fixed through the car’s settings
  5. Fog light conversation

    Just go easy and take your time, you may break a couple of clips from the door card, be careful when unclipping the lock mechanism
  6. 1.0 Ecoboost

    Could possibly be one of the bearings that the drive belt drives, water pump, alternator?
  7. There’s a used pair on Ebay at the moment for 27 posted but one of them is in really bad shape, or you can get a full set of new for £80 expensive little blighters eh? [emoji85]
  8. Leaving them as they are does look good as you have the matt black look which i do prefer, as opposed to the gloss black, which the lacquer would do Are they standard mk6 zetec s wheels? I’ll see if I can find a set too, two pairs of eyes are better than one [emoji106]
  9. Might be a good idea to apply a few coats of lacquer to protect the paint from chipping, just a suggestion
  10. Paint job looks really decent and the wheels look 100 times better than they looked before paint, how many coats did you apply? Did you lacquer them too?
  11. Fog light conversation

    If you follow my guide to the point of removing the inner door card, then you can swap over the loom to the upgraded one which has the electric mirrors
  12. MFD

    Hi, can anyone tell me the differences between all the various multi function displays for a pre facelift mk7 I have a ‘Sony mid’ MFD and was wondering what the low and the high variations have in terms of colour or capibilities. I’m looking to upgrade my Sony head unit to have DAB but thought I’d upgrade the mfd while I’m at it (if it would be worth while)
  13. Fog light conversation

    Here’s a link to my guide on how to convert manual to electric windows, which pretty much explains how to completely strip down the door which is what you need to do if you want to swap out your loom to one with electric mirrors, hope it helps http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/43131-guide-mk665-manual-to-electric-window-conversion/
  14. Fog light conversation

    Sounds like it’s all coming together nicely [emoji1303]
  15. Fog light conversation

    Looking good [emoji106] yes I had to stop the door completely to swap over the wiring loom for the electric mirrors too, well worth the effort though, a wee roof spoiler will look good too [emoji1303]