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  1. You will also have to have decent soldering skills as the smd's are tiny (about 3-4mm x 2-3mm)
  2. It's not standard dome type led's that's in the dash, it's ones similar to these...... They have a little groove on one side to determine between live and negative sides
  3. There's a guide on here by dangersford fitting a Lockwood dial kit......
  4. What I mean is after I fit the centre console (as in the part I started this thread for) what else must I fit to allow everything to fit securely?
  5. What is the minimum I can get away with? (so I can get the centre console with cup holders fitted? until a can source all the parts?
  6. So I need the gloss black climate control panel, plastic gear surround and the gear gaiter? (Does the gaiter come with the gear stick too)? Or can I just use my own gearstick?
  7. And this.....
  8. Oh, glad you uploaded that pic, I have just taken delivery of the centre console, and was about to go out and fit it, I will have to hold off until I get the other bits that it attaches to, Is the following pic what i need?
  9. Here's mine just now.....
  10. Thanks for the info Yunii, you're before pic is exactly how mine is at the moment, and your after pics is how I would like it to end up, great to know the gloss black dash and gear stick surround fits straight on. Was there much involved on wiring up the rear 12v socket and the cup holder ambients?
  11. Definitely do'able as I retrofitted heated seats into my corsa, however might not be as easy in the fez - I'm not really familiar on how to program stuff in yet
  12. What seats have you ordered? Are they heated? My console should be here through the week so will hopefully get time to do them next weekend. I'm going to try and wire in the cup holder ambient lights too
  13. Cool, I've just ordered one so I'll post back here with pics of what's involved in fitting it
  14. Does anyone know if the centre console from a mk7.5 will fit straight into a mk 7?
  15. The ambients are only to create a romantic environment for my missus and I to "play" in. I thought candles were a wee bit dodgy [emoji23]