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  1. SPEEDO HELP🤔🤔🤔🤔

    I’d say that would be quite an expensive way of doing it, would it not be possible to buy a second hand speedo unit and just remove the faceplate and fit that to your existing unit?
  2. Ford Fiesta 1.25 2000 NO HEAT!

    Could possible be a faulty heater control valve?
  3. Parking Sensors Without Display

    I’d probably be safe in saying that the module plugged in to the main car loom would be enough to let the car know when reverse has been selected, you would definitely need to let the car know it’s equipped with parking sensors, I’m sure forscan would be able to do it.(could you send/pm the link to the kit on fleabay)?
  4. Parking Sensors Without Display

    No worries Alex, ok just picked up the car from it’s mot (passed) [emoji1] woohoo! I’ve had a quick rummage around the boot, without removing any trim panels I can see where the buzzer is mounted (see photo) as for the module I would probably have to remove panels so might do that tomorrow if I have time (I need to look to see if I have a booster module in there for my aerial anyway, as I’m looking to retro fit a Sony DAB so that will give me more than one reason to dig around in the boot.
  5. Parking Sensors Without Display

    There are two separate buzzers, one at the front of the car (which sounds when front sensors detect) and a buzzer at the rear for when the rear sensors detect...... my car is in having its mot just now, but I will have a dig around later.
  6. Parking Sensors Without Display

    Is this what your mystery module looks like? If it is then it’s the booster aerial, if not then I’d presume is is a parking sensor module? My car was factory fitted with front and rear parking aid, so when I get some time I will have a look for my module and let you know what I find.
  7. Parking Sensors Without Display

    If your car had front parking sensors factory fitted then there should be a switch on the dash to turn them off/on if the module you found in the boot is a booster aerial for DAB
  8. Aah of course the surround will make it look a lot less odd, could you upload a pic of the halo with the surround in place? Have you decided how you’re wiring them in? Just to your side lights or to your ignition and use as DRL’s?
  9. Is it just me or do you not think the rings would look better if they were a bit bigger, so that they are closer to the edge of the foglight, looks like you will probably lose any use out of the front fog lights...... what diameter did you go for?
  10. Cheers zain, I think I’m going to order the standard LED indicator ring although hopefully going to wire it in as DRL’s I don’t suppose you would know if it’s possible to wire it in using a DRL relay kit, like this one....... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142073504615 Because as I’m sure you know the pre facelift never came with DRL capability.
  11. Does anyone know if the fog light lens on the mk7 is the same size as the 7.5? Also I noticed on autobeam website that there a choice of either 60mm or 70mm halo rings, does anyone know if the 70mm would fit to avoid having a gap between the edge of the halos and the fog bezel?
  12. Mk6 rubbing strips colour coding

    I upgraded my old mk6 to the facelift style, they are easy to remove, but I’d advise against painting the textured plastic ones that you have, you need to get the smoothed ones that are designed to be painted, they are simple to paint when off the car
  13. Ford Focus regulator

    Still worth checking, especially if both sides are now not working
  14. Ford Focus regulator

    Check the connections to make sure they are all connected, the passenger side needs the drivers side connected to function
  15. Change ford cup holder light/bulb

    If it’s anything like the little centre console cubbyhole then it’s one led shining through a plastic moulding similar to the way a light shines through fibre optic. Only takes ten mins to remove the centre console then I’m not sure how difficult it would be to get at the light source,