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  1. Oh I see lol, glad that sorted [emoji1] what other additions are you planning on doing?
  2. If you push the (arrowed) switch then that will turn your fogs off.... pull it out one click and that will turn on your front fogs, pull it out a second click and that will turn on your rear fogs.......
  3. Nice it’s made a huge difference tinting your ‘reflectors’ the two lights (that I have pointed to are your fog lights, the two round ones inserted in your bumpers are just reflectors [emoji4]
  4. Fog light conversation

    There is every chance that the loom will have been fitted and the plug taped up.... it was on mine, I’m not sure which side but if you go under the car and look up inside your wheel arches you will find it, then when you buy the fog lights there’s a loom attached between the two lights and the main loom, make sure you get that. Then all you have to do is fit them plug them in then swap over your interior headlight switch to one that has the front fog switch then voila, retro fitted front fogs.
  5. Fog light conversation

    Hi I fitted front fogs on my mk6 was pretty easy but was not cheap.... I had a fiesta studio with the tow part front bumper so had to buy a new lower section with the removable fog light grills, then had to buy the interior switch then obviously the foglights plus the brackets to fit them.... is it a pre facelift of a facelift fez?
  6. Hello from Bathgate

    Welcome Gemma nice car, have you many plans for it? I'm not far from you either
  7. Back on ford owners club after 2 years

    They will look cool against metallic black car I'm. It too sure what colour would best suit my ink blue colour
  8. Back on ford owners club after 2 years

    Great thank you for that [emoji106] What colour are you going for?
  9. Back on ford owners club after 2 years

    Very nice [emoji106] Yeah I thought the gel overlays were a bit overpriced if you find them a bit cheaper, give me a shout and I will buy a set too [emoji4]
  10. Back on ford owners club after 2 years

    Yes that's a mk7 you have, upload some pics of your car, my rear ford badge is beginning to fade so have been looking at the gel overlays, there's a company on ebay sell them...... although I'm not sure if they are overpriced......
  11. Back on ford owners club after 2 years

    Hi, welcome back, I'm not long back on this forum after a few years owning a non ford, I've did have a mk6 put a few guides together on here, and helped a few people out. Now I have a mk7 so will be looking for advice on retrofitting a few bits, what fiesta do you have now?
  12. Word Game

    Back track
  13. Word Game

    Glasses frame
  14. Adams story game

    Frantically shaking his tiny