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  1. Hi my car has been sat for 6 months will turn over but won't start any help would b great. How do u bleed the fuel system
  2. ok ill check that im with the rac if its not that any other ideas pls
  3. hi i have a 52 reg tdi ghia that wont start the battery is dead tried charging it but no good put i jump pack on it and it just turns over and wont fire it did run but its been sat for 6 months any ideas pls havent a clue thanks
  4. hi im new to this i have a 52 reg galaxy tdi ghia the battery is dead on it but when i put a boost pack on it,it just turns over but wont fire can anyone help me pls it did run its been parked up for bout 6 months thanks
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums andy78 :)