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  1. Acc Socket Light?

    Hi can any tell A) If the fiesta mk7 accessory socket in the console is illuminated and B) How to change the bulb Regards Dave
  2. Nifty Little Feature

    Have not got a ST, used to have it on Focus Ghia 51 plate. Doesn't seem to work on titanium with x pack
  3. Fitting Zetec S Rear Spoiler

    H Vince_13, thanks for the reply bought one from Stoneacrea which came with a fixing kit which include longer water pipeand electrical connector. it was reduced and i have it painted same clour as my car, looks brill
  4. I'm looking to change the bulb in the interior light, but also thinking about changing the whole unit and fitting a glasses storage/light unit from the focus. Anybody any idea how to change the unit. Preferably with pictures.
  5. Fitting Zetec S Rear Spoiler

    Hi, i to am thinking about this mod, can you add pics please of the fastening bolts/holes etc
  6. Keyless Entry And Push Start, Spare Fob?

    Hi Roger, Yes those are my orginal thoughts, just hoping someone on here may know something i dont on the subject.
  7. Hi We recently changed our Ford Focus Zetec for a 59 plate ford fiesta titanium TDCI with the added packs of a X and Tech. I love it, its a great car. We have been on holiday and i got 59 mpg whereas the focus wouldn't have managed 45 mpg. Anyway it has the keyless entry and push start. It only came with the one fob (which has a key inside). Can you get spare fobs and anybody know the best place/cheapest to get them from. Thanks Dave
  8. Low Windscreen Wash Warning Light/message

    Recently purchased a new shape zetec and that does not have one where as my 51 ghia tdci did, another thing cut down on.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums davefc1 :)