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  1. Head Unit Replacement

    replaced the fuse and the unit still doesnt power up. took the unit to my local fitter and he gets it powering up so a bit baffled
  2. Head Unit Replacement

    only fuse i can find to be blown is the cigarette lighter, plugged original radio back in and its getting power, A local installer says he will install the unit for £70. is this good value for money?
  3. Head Unit Replacement

    Thanks stoney, Is this why the unit wont be powering up then?
  4. Head Unit Replacement

    HI guys, i have bought a pioneer AVIC-F970DAB head unit to replace my ford 6006cdc head unit, I have bought all the cables extra required such as 2 OF THESE CABLES DO THE SAME THING, THE SOT-092 from what i can see is for telephone, I think it should be cable - the sales guy in halfords said i needed all these cables, plugged everything in and unit doesnt even come on. baffled!! any ideas?
  5. hello all, I first had this message appear in june and the car brokedown, got recovered to local garage who diagnosed that the EGR Valve had collapsed. so they got a new one for me. That solved the problem until 2 weeks ago message came back, back to garage. diagnostics plugged in and say DPF - so tried washing the soot rhu, to no avail, so had this replaced last week, All okay for 6 days until sunday gone the message came back and car back into LIMP Mode. I am at a loss as to what it can be, I reckon as does the garage the turbo pipe is faulty and needs replacing? could this be the problem or has anyone had the same problems? thanks in advance
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Kev Mc :)