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  1. thanks a lot lenny, just new to this forum and realising how helpful its going to be. looks like a good piece of kit, all ordered and will get to it as soon as it arrives. thanks again
  2. hi lenny brilliant guide ive got the exact same relay for fitting with drl's but struggling to connect to the ignition part of it. you wouldnt know which wire i should splice into thats located in the engine fuse box? or how i should go about it? many thanks
  3. got some drl's and a relay to go with them that just dimes them when headlights are turned on. however having problems wiring it all up. the relay is a drlm2 i think. and has to be connected to ignition system, but i dont know how to do this in the fuse box there is a space for 'daytime running lamps' as said in manual. can i just put a new fuse in there, and if so may sound stupid but how do you do that? pictures would be a great help if possible. many thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums luke simp :)