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  1. Thanks. It's the oval fascia. Do I still remove the fascia in the same way? Also are the keys inserted in the same positions? Sorry for being very questioning!
  2. I have an 07 Style, a Mk2.5 model, which did not come with an aux cable fitted. I think that I'm able to fit a cable to the rear of the head unit, but have no idea how to get the bugger out to see what I need to do! I know that in my glove box there is the connection hole (filled in at the moment, but only a matter of punching out some plastic) so I will fit it through there or I may end up coming around the underside of the passenger side footwell. How easy is this? What removal keys do I need? Do I need to remove the fascia? I'm a massive rookie when it comes to any DIY on my car (I can fit new fuses, well after looking through the forums! And I know how to check the oil, water etc and change a headlamp, which I'm really impressed with!) so need some help! Cheers guys!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Jon Kitchener :)