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  1. My system went faulty, the front speaker had a short in the coil. The tones are a pointer to the fault. Check the speaker, its behind the coin box by your right knee.
  2. Is it 2006 or 2016? If its an early model the power steering is hydraulic, check the fluid level.
  3. Try ProPowerSteering in Thurrock.
  4. Could be air being drawn into the fuel line. When it coughs does it feel like fuel starvation?
  5. Air in the system bleed it again.
  6. Check the wheel nuts are tight.
  7. Depends where the 50 miles are driven, my MK3 did about 450 to a tank if driven round town, on the motorway I would get 730 to a tank easy. If its still smoking, as Pete says the injectors may not be coded.
  8. If it stalls when you pull away could be the cam sensor, my MK3 did the same. £15 for a new one. If you haven't serviced it the fuel filter could be blocked. However, if the DMF is on the way out as you say it will cost more than the cars worth.
  9. Yeah. Bigining to think that is the case. Maybe even camber issue on front.

    Anyway, cheers.

  10. Yes. Something is bent!
  11. Sounds like it is trying a DPF regeneration.
  12. Sounds like air in the system. Start the car and move the steering wheel from lock to lock. Check the fluid level whilst doing so.
  13. Mismatched tyres are the problem.
  14. Could be leaking from the steering rack, check the track rod ends for wetness. Could be the pump is leaking, check round the pump and pulley. The dull thump sounds like the anti-roll bar bushes have failed.
  15. This problem afflicted the early MK3 Mondeo with Delphi fuel delivery system. The rollers would break up in the pump, block the injectors and feed the debris back to the fuel tank, expensive job to fix out of warranty. My MK3 did over 170K miles on the original pump and injectors so not all cars were bad.