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  1. Are those shocks wet with oil? Replace both.
  2. Don't think there are any 3rd party liners, go to a breakers yard.
  3. That's the air vent, flaps are probably jammed open with road crap. Try and clean it out with an old toothbrush.
  4. If you bought it from a garage take it back and complain or better still get a refund. If the previous keeper had the turbo changed it could be the oil pipe was not changed and the engine not flushed out and the turbo is seizing up again
  5. Check the air pressure in the tyres and how worn are they? They will drone as they wear.
  6. Did the dealer put the correct amount in? Did it lose oil before the service? I always check my car after a dealer service.
  7. Take it back to the dealers and complain.
  8. Officially 100K miles or ten years, get it changed at 50K miles.
  9. OK. Stationary, with the engine hot, put in neutral and rev the engine, hold it at 2500 rpm. If you hear a knock throttle off, the bottom end is worn. If no knock the oil pump is worn assuming you have the correct grade of oil in it.
  10. What does wifey call a large puddle and at what speed?
  11. Depending on how many miles this beauty has done either the oil pump is worn or the big ends.
  12. First thing check under the seat for any loose or damaged wiring. Next try disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes to reset the GEM module.
  13. Disconnect the new speakers and see if it works OK. If not you may have disturbed something else.
  14. Ride will be as the shocks are now, the ride will get softer as they wear out.
  15. lock

    Just give it a squirt with spray grease.