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  1. Park on drive, double click key to lock and walk away.
  2. I always let Fords out, everyone else can wait
  3. Sounds like an airlock. Take it back and complain again.
  4. Yes Lemforder do make them. https://webcat.zf.com/index.asp?country=GB&SPR=4
  5. If the gearbox works OK and it is low mileage, sounds like a separate issue, gearbox is at the front, what is vibrating when stationary?
  6. A performance parts shop! http://www.burtonpower.com/ Depends on what you have in mind for a 16 year old banger.
  7. If its the Durashift gearbox you have a number of expensive options, the shifter's have failed or there is a break in the wiring loom. If the shifter loses it's position it will prevent the engine starting.
  8. Had wheel spacers on my old Anglia and a 2 litre Cortina GT engine & gearbox, that's when I found out that drum brakes are rubbish!
  9. Its not where you get them it's who makes them. http://shop.grahamgoode.com/eibach-wheel-spacers-5mm-15mm-20mm-25mm-30mm-ford-fiesta-st150-zetecs-125-14-tdci-01--75095-p.asp
  10. My phone always pairs with the car when I turn the ignition on, but won't complain if the phone is off. How is your system set up, what phone do you have?
  11. For £80 I'd bite his arm off! Oh, and get a receipt as well
  12. Sounds like the clutch release bearing is on its way out. How many miles has this beauty done? Cost: depends where you take it, but budget for at least £450.
  13. £80 to change the slave cylinder is a bargain assuming the clutch plate is not contaminate as Ian says. Nothing wrong with the gearbox, the clutch is dragging hence the crunchy gears.
  14. Petrol or diesel? Could be the impeller has come off the water pump shaft.