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  1. 2003 2.0 tdci white smoke barely runs

    If you bought from a garage take it back and tell them to fix it.
  2. 2010 TDCI chuffing noise ticking over

    Could be a leaky exhaust manifold, never heard of the 1.6 TDCi injector seals leaking. Not a difficult job with the right tools.
  3. If its been standing for a while the rear drums will be rusty, you need to strip the rear brakes and clean the rust/muck out. I'd also replace the brake shoes
  4. Burning Smell

    Plastic bag stuck to the exhaust pipe.
  5. Ignition Problems Someone Help Please

    I think he means the windows go up and down OK but the engine won't turn over, sounds like a flat battery.
  6. Sounds like a bad earth somewhere, check all the heavy duty leads from battery to chassis and all the small ones where they bolt to the body. Take them off, clean and replace.
  7. Glow Plugs Mk7 1.6Tdci

    If they are only two years old they should not need changing, have you checked them?
  8. Seat Hight

    Buy a bigger car!
  9. Ford Fiesta 2006 1.4Tdci Cutting Out

    Sounds like they don't have a clue, probably a sensor or wiring they have disturbed.
  10. Bring up the trip on the left hand stalk and keep it pressed, it resets the trip.
  11. Change in the weather affects all cars.
  12. Egr Valve

    Probably just blocked with carbon, take it out and clean it first. Bit late to fit a blanking plate as the induction side of the engine will be full of carbon.
  13. Pcp

    Its common for dealers to tell you there may be equity left after the plan, generally there is none! Their incentive is to offer you a good deal on the next car you buy from the dealer, in your case you are buying something else so the dealer gets a low mileage well cared for car to stick on the forecourt at an inflated price. The extras are worth nothing, the plan is based on the base car and the final value is the trade value of the vehicle not retail, win win for the dealer.
  14. Slow Gearchange On Powershift

    Take it back to the dealers, could be the common problem of oil leaking onto the clutch pack.