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  1. S1600 Or S1600 (134)

    Nice link. Yeah the confirms it's a 134. Can't wait to get the keys even more now :D
  2. S1600 Or S1600 (134)

    Yeah i got climate control and bluetooth as well. Ok so it's looking good that its a 134 then. :D Once i got the keys i'll put some pics up.
  3. S1600 Or S1600 (134)

    Cheers for the quick responce guys :) Yeah it has got the twin tail exhaust. I got the blue with white stripes. Cheers for the other Mods. Any major differences between the J1 and the Pipercross? Thanks again for the help
  4. S1600 Or S1600 (134)

    Hey, Sorry guys new to all this. I have just purchased my 4th consecutive Fiesta. Start with a '96 1.1 MK3, '04 1.6 Ghia, '09 1.6 Zetec S, and just got a 11' S1600. Would i be correct in saying there is a 134bhp version and a standard. If so how can i tell? Help would be appreciated, and if it turns out it is the standard what should i do next? Thanks in advance Spike
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Spike316 :)