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  1. S1600 Or S1600 (134)

    Hey, Sorry guys new to all this. I have just purchased my 4th consecutive Fiesta. Start with a '96 1.1 MK3, '04 1.6 Ghia, '09 1.6 Zetec S, and just got a 11' S1600. Would i be correct in saying there is a 134bhp version and a standard. If so how can i tell? Help would be appreciated, and if it turns out it is the standard what should i do next? Thanks in advance Spike
  2. S1600 Or S1600 (134)

    Nice link. Yeah the confirms it's a 134. Can't wait to get the keys even more now :D
  3. S1600 Or S1600 (134)

    Yeah i got climate control and bluetooth as well. Ok so it's looking good that its a 134 then. :D Once i got the keys i'll put some pics up.
  4. S1600 Or S1600 (134)

    Cheers for the quick responce guys :) Yeah it has got the twin tail exhaust. I got the blue with white stripes. Cheers for the other Mods. Any major differences between the J1 and the Pipercross? Thanks again for the help