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  1. @EE hi im abroad I have the Extra plan for eu usage however I can't send or make calls...can you help asap please I can receive calls

  2. Is me saying '50 shades gives me a wide on' as inappropriate as every woman on the planet talking about it constantly?

  3. These gymnasts are insane ... True example of what the human body is capable of #olympians

  4. New Project For Mk6

    Thanks mate does help a lot seeing as I prob won't need a new set of alloys now!
  5. New Project For Mk6

    Hey i am recently purchasing a mk6 fiesta.....its basically a shell as it needs new engine... its originally had a 1.25 inside, however will a 1.4 zetec easily slot in? Also i previously own a set of 17" ripspeed alloys will they rub on the arches of will they be a neat fit? Bi Xenon headlights? worth a purchase? Cheers Smokesboy
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums SmokesBoy :)